Providing the best possible coaching regardless your level of expertise


Key Competencies

We coach you to achieve your sporting goals.

We are motivated by the opportunity to assist you to succeed and to teach you how to train safe and train smart in the process.

Our Expertise

Endurance Sport
Speed and agility sports
Elite professional athletes
Junior elite athletes
Amateur athletes
Beginner athletes

Our Coaching Philosophy

Our name, Domestique Fitness, reflects our coaching philosophy. In cycling, a Domestique is a racer that sacrifices their own race in order to work for the benefit of the team and the team’s leader.

We coach. Our passion is coaching athletes in the pursuit of their sporting goals. We are not seeking training partners under the guise of offering a coaching service.

To ensure we provide the most personalised service possible, we cap the number of athletes we lead through a custom training plan.

Our mission is to provide the best possible coaching support regardless of a person's level of expertise.

While those that come to Domestique Fitness may not consider themselves athletes initially, they are treated as such from the outset and consequently receive the highest possible degree of respect and professional advice regardless of their level of competition.

Core Sports

  • Swimming (Ocean and Pool)
  • Endurance Running
  • Triathlon
  • Cycling
  • Adventure Racing
  • Fun Runs and Mud Runs
  • Surf Sports

Preparation Phases

General preparation

Here we build your fitness for your chosen sport with incremental increases in training load.

Specific preparation

Next we continue to build your training load with greater emphasis on race day skills and race simulation.


This phase emphasises recovery. Here we fine tune your race day skills while scaling back your training load in the days or weeks leading up to your goal event.


The goal of Transition is achieving physiological and psychological recovery after completing your goal event. Any activity is light and simply designed to prevent drastic fitness loss.

Your Coaching Team

Dedicated to ensuring you achieve your goals

David Williams

David Williams

Head Coach
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Will Markwick

Will Markwick

Sports Scientist
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Ben Williams

Ben Williams

Sport Performance SME
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Testimonials from our athletes

I'm really happy with the training I received with DFit and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a program that's completely tailored to you and your fitness goals.

With an 8-week swim program I've been able to significantly improve my technique, pacing and strength and as a result am confidently swimming better, for longer. The program offered a great balance of structure, flexibility and encouragement, which allowed me to maintain focus and stay on track, even whilst travelling and away from my usual training venues. Keeping a training diary and going through this on a weekly basis with Dave meant that planned sessions could be tweaked as necessary, depending on my progress. I was also able to ask for advice whenever I had any questions about my training and found this really helpful when unplanned obstacles, like illness, popped up.

DFit have the expertise and passion for what they do to make training a really rewarding experience. Now all I have to do is plan my next challenge.

Lucy K, Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia

I was fortunate enough to have David write a program for Cairns Half ironman 2013, my first half ironman with not a lot of triathlon experience. Dave's program got me through the training and race day went by so quickly!

I was extremely happy with my time of 6 hours and 22minutes.

Without the program from David I would not have achieved this goal.

Suzanne G, San Souci, Sydney, Australia

I got a lot out of this program! I was looking for a challenge that would help me get back into running and improve my overall fitness, and after discussing the various options with David I decided to tackle Tough Mudder. I had never done one of these events before and always felt like it was probably out of my reach – I’m not a hardcore fitness freak and had not been particularly active in the months leading up to the program. But I’m very happy to say that 12 weeks of training paid off – I was able to complete Tough Mudder without injury and with a massive sense of achievement.

The program’s flexibility, the ability to check in with Dave both on a planned, weekly basis and sporadically whenever I had random questions or concerns, suited me well. Knowing that my program had been carefully planned around my own fitness levels and goals meant I could follow it with confidence and trust that it would ultimately get me over the line (and through a lot of mud). And it did!

Lucy K, Paddington, Sydney, Australia

I really liked the face to face meeting in the beginning and the thorough assessment/history. Delivery through google docs was perfect. I would've gone way faster than my goal if not for the weather. Dave's mantra of 'nothing new on race day' really helped for the inclimate weather circumstances.

Jill E, Paddington, Sydney, Australia

I wasn't ever sure why an amateur athlete like myself would use a coach, until I met Dave. There was never a dull moment in my 4-month program for the California 70.3 and Dave provided me with motivating, sensible and considered advice each week. He was always available and approachable and the regular weekly meetings were the contact I needed to stay motivated and iron out any issues. Also, the program was perfectly tailored for my ability and needs and was adjusted when injury got in the way. I truly felt supported and the results were incredible - I smiled the whole way through my race. Thanks Dave!

Hannah M, Homebush, Sydney, Australia

This time last year, I decided to complete the 2014 Coolangatta Gold solo, this was a pretty big step out of my comfort zone. Coolangatta Gold short course is a 32.4km race consisting of 14.6km surf ski, 2.5km swim, 6.1km board & 9.2km run. Unfortunately, this isn't a race you can simply just plod through to complete; there are cut off times for each leg, which means you can be disqualified if you lag too far behind the leader. When you see the level of the other athletes, this becomes a scary thought for your average competitor like me!

Dave put together a program for me; we looked at my strengths and weaknesses and structured the sessions to bring all areas up to scratch. The training load was relatively heavy, but balanced and Dave was amazingly flexible with my inconsistent and often last minute travel commitments with work.

Dave and I caught up each week and made adjustments to the program as needed along the way. We worked together from June right up until race day in November. I found Dave great at creating individualised sessions which contained exactly what I needed whilst monitoring any injury/burn out risks. The weekly check ins and training reports were a fundamental component to me staying on track.

Come race day, I was faced with my worst nightmare, a 40km p/h head wind. Dave had prepared me well for this, so even though it was unpleasant, I made it though the ski leg. Into the swim - I was greeted by more choppy water and 17 jellyfish stings later and I was onto the board, my strongest leg. Normally I would be looking forward to the paddle, but the turbulent water had managed to make me seasick (which I'd never suffered from before), so I can't say it was the most pleasant paddle of my life! Heading into the last leg, the run back along the beach to Coolangatta, man was I happy to be out of the water! Normally the run is along hard sand at the edge of the water, today, the tide had come in, so soft sand running it was to finish off... yay.

Coming in at 5 hours and 22 min and 5th in my age category was one of the best feelings, and even though it was a tough day, I never once doubted I would make it. I was mentally and physically prepared and confident in my abilities. For that I have Dave to thank :) I was the only one in our group to make it to the start line and through the finish line without any injury or illness, which is all testament to Daves smart training approach.

This year, I am hoping to complete the longer course of Coolangatta Gold, bringing the ski leg upto 24km and adding an extra 1km to the swim. I know that Dave will help me get there and keep me on track with my training even when I'd rather be warm in bed on all of the cold winter mornings!

Lia T, Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia