Custom Training Plans

This is our passion

Custom Training Plans

Custom Training Plans

It’s often said that for endurance events, getting to the start line is 90% of the battle. Given this, it is essential you have a training plan that accounts for your personal circumstances and addresses your individual sporting needs.

This is our core business. We develop training plans that are tailored to your specific goal event while considering your personal circumstances, health and wellbeing. We do this by taking the time to understand and discuss with you your motivation, current health and level of ability as well as your work and family time demands.

It is through this upfront investment in consultation that Domestique Fitness ensures all training plans address the specific needs, interests and wellbeing of our athletes.

So, if you have decided to step up to a new challenge within your current sport, tackle a new sporting event or just agreed to a sporting dare, then contact us to discuss how best we can help you achieve your goals.

Popular Goal Programs

  • Half and full marathon events
  • Ocean and open water swimming
  • Surf Sports
  • Triathlon
  • Endurance cycling
  • Tough Mudder preparation
  • Fun Runs (5 - 15km events)

Custom training plans

Your pathway to success

Who is this for?
  • The time poor and in need of flexibility in training. People who are time poor or have a busy work/life schedule and need the flexibility to train when it suits rather than trying to mould their schedule around fixed group or personal training timetables
  • The committed and self motivated. People who are self-motivated and committed to achieving the sporting goals they have set themselves. Our most popular programs include:
    • Tough Mudder, Tough Bloke, Tough Chick, Spartan and other Adventure Races such as the Sydney Mud Run, MTB Challenges and Kathmandu Adventure races
    • Ocean and open water swimming including Bondi2Bronte, Palm2Whale, Byron Winter Whales, Cole Classic, Bondi2Watsons Bay, Rottnest Channel Swim
    • Half and full marathon events including the Great Ocean Road, Sydney Running Festival, Melbourne Marathon, Gold Coast Marathon and Australian Outback Marathon
    • Surf Sports (Nipper and Cadet competition plus Seniors and Masters Ironman competition, 3 Points Challenge, Narrathon and Coolangatta Gold events)
    • Fun Runs such as the City2Surf, Sutherland2Surf, Bridge to Brisbane, City2South, City2Sea and The Great Train Race
    • Triathlon including Sprint, Olympic Distance, Long Course, Half Ironman and Ironman events
    • Sydney to the Gong Ride and Brisbane to the Gold Coast Cycle Challenge
What are the prerequisites?
  • Sufficient preparation time. An athlete cannot cram their training like a student can cram for an exam. The time required to fully prepare for a goal event varies depending on an athlete’s level of fitness, experience in the sport and the level of endurance demanded by the goal event. If we believe there is insufficient time to properly prepare for an event we will discuss this with you and work with you to identify an alternative event.
What is the format?
  • Delivery method. You will have an introductory meeting with your coach so that we can understand your situation, your needs and your goal(s). This will typically take place via Skype, phone or email. In-person meetings are possible depending on you and your coach’s location and availability. After this meeting your handbook, calendar, detailed program with coaching notes and training diary will the be developed and sent to you via email.
  • Your handbook will outline your journey to to the start line as well as important training and race day considerations and covers the the full period of preparation. Your training calendar, detailed training program with coaching notes and training diary will be prepared two to three weeks in advance to ensure it is as customised to your current needs.
  • When delivered, your program will be explained over the phone or via Skype or in-person if possible. All plans come with ongoing guidance and counselling throughout the journey. As a minimum, this is via a weekly check-in using the most convenient means for you; but it typically involves email, phone calls, SMS or Skype. The purpose of the check-in is for you and your coach to review your training diary, discuss your progress and ensure the program is meeting your needs.
  • Products and services delivered. All custom training plans come with a:
    • Training calendar for the month
    • Training and race handbook tailored to you and your goal event
    • Detailed training program with coaching notes and training diary for the fortnight
    • A weekly check-in with your personal coach at a time convenient to you, plus
    • The flexibility to text or email your coach with questions throughout the program.
What is the cost?
  • Costs vary depending on the event and the time required to prepare for it
  • Monthly programs start at $150 per month but reduce in price where athletes commit to multiple months in advance
  • Contact us to discuss the best option for your needs